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            Creating Sub-Users for your Secure Hosting Account

            All Secure Hosting Accounts have a main, administrative (Master) log-in; Sub-Users allow you to create separate log-in access for additional users of the account and configure specific permissions for each, whether this is based on their role responsibilities or position within the company hierarchy. 

            Step 1 Set up a Sub-User

            1. log into your account with your admin credentials
            2. navigate to Settings > Sub-User logins
            3. click on 'New User' in the top right hand corner of the screen (Fig 1.)
            4. enter User Name - although there is no limit to the amount of characters that can be used, we recommend that Usernames are kept relatively short, such as a persons initials e.g. ‘EJ’, or a first name and initial of surname e.g. ‘JonesE’ or vice versa, such as ‘Emmaj’. Usernames and Passwords are case-sensitive so any capitals or lower case characters set up when the new user is created, must be identically entered when logging in.
            5. enter password - alphanumeric, 7-12 characters long
            6. enter email address for the user
            7. enter telephone/role (optional)
            8. click on 'submit above details' at the bottom of the page

            Fig. 1

            Step 2 Configure permissions

            1. locate the Sub-User and click on the 'Edit' option to the right
            2. tick/untick the menus/options you wish them to have access to
            3. click on 'submit above details' at the bottom of the page
            4. distribute the login details to the user securely

            Step 3 Login

            1. Sub-Users login via the same login interface as admin users here
            2. They should enter the Secure Hosting account number in the first field followed by the User Name that you have created for them e.g. if you have created 'Emmaj' then Emma will be logging in as 'SHxxxxxxEmmaj'
            3. They should enter the password that you have set for them in the second field and click on 'Log in'

            Updated: 22 May 2019 06:47 PM
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