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            Can I review transactions before processing them for payment?

            Yes, you don’t have to debit the customer’s card immediately. You can perform a ‘pre-auth’ at the point of the transaction, which merely does an initial authorisation on the card including checks on the CV2 number (3 digit security number), cardholder address and the 3DS. You then have up to 28 days in which to complete the transaction. 

            The pre-auth feature is particularly useful for merchants who like to review orders for fraud reasons, or where an item may be out of stock.

            Enabling pre-auth for ecommerce transactions

            1. Log into your account and go to Online Processing > UPG Settings
            2. Select the default handling option as per Fig. 1
            3. Scroll down and click on 'Save UPG Settings'

            Fig. 1

            Enabling pre-auth for Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions

            This must be manually selected at the point of processing

            1. Access your Virtual Terminal 
            2. Change Transaction Type from Authorise Payment Immediately to Pre-Authorise Payment (Fig. 2)
            3. Enter all required transaction information
            4. Proceed
            Fig. 2

            Complete a pre-authorised transaction

            1. Log into your account and select the transaction
            2. View the transaction detail
            3. Scroll down to the Authorisations section on the right
            4. Click on 'Go'
            5. A pop-up window will be displayed asking you to confirm your choice
            6. Confirm and complete the transaction

            You can modify the original transaction amount, up or down, although we recommend that you change the amount by no more than 10% either way due to bank processes. You can also part settle the payment multiple times. 

            Updated: 25 Jul 2019 06:24 PM
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